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Training Schools

AARMR offers several Training School opportunities for state regulators throughout the year. These schools  provide the opportunity to meet face-to-face with other State regulators,  discuss topics of common interest, exchange ideas about problems and solutions facing the industry, and to learn about new business models and approaches.  These schools are open to State Regulatory Agencies ONLY.  If you have any questions regarding these schools, contact David Saunders at 703-782-5920.




February 1, 3, 8, 10, 15 & 17, 2022 (3:00-5:00 PM Eastern)

For examiners and others from AARMR’s General Member agencies (regulators) who are interested in learning more about analyzing financial statements. Presented by Joseph Weil with Traininng LLC, a professional training provider. Six webinar sessions totaling approximately 10 hours of training. $99 fee per participant for all six sessions.





Video Recordings & Materials from the April 2021 Virtual Corporate Governance Examiner Training

Video Recordings: April 2021 Corporate Governance Examiner Training - 4 webinar sessions (member login required)
Corporate Governance Training AGENDA
Corporate Governance for Mortgage Companies Training Slide Presentation
Corporate Governance Training Video URLs
BASEL Corporate Governance Principles for Banks
Corporate Governance Training - 3 Lines of Defense
Corporate Governance Training - ERM Framework Wheel
Corporate Governance Training - Risk Management Framework



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Networked Supervision Licensing & Exams

Spring 2022


The CSBS-AARMR Mortgage Examiner Training Available Online Now

  • This comprehensive basic course is designed for newly hired examiners first day on the job and as a great refresher for more experienced examiners.
  • Your department will be closely involved in your examiner’s training throughout the course.  Each of 49 chapters in the course ends with a “Next Steps”  assignment that often requires involvement of more senior department staff.
  • Successful completion (a score of 80 %+) of 44 Regulatory University courses spread out among the chapters is also a requirement of this program.
  • Successful completion of this program will allow examiners to apply for certification at no cost for one year.
  • We estimate that a commitment of 80 hours will be required to successfully complete the course.  It may be completed without a break or over the course of weeks or months.
  • This comprehensive course replaces the on ground course offered in the past.
  • There is no registration fee for this initial version of the course.

To Register

Click here to log into the General Members Only page to enroll.  Registrants will be asked to designate a Department Contact by name and e-mail address so that we can report on the student’s progress. After registration is received, the student will receive a welcome message that explains the process and supplies him/her with a username and password.

If you need assistance with registration for the online mortgage examiner training course ONLY, please contact Ghazal Azizzada (202-728-5700).

Access Past Training School Presentations

AARMR's Various Training School Opportunities

Basic Examiner School

The purpose of the basic school is to provide state residential mortgage regulators/examiners with a brief overview of the mortgage industry and a more comprehensive overview of the federal regulations used during mortgage banking examinations.The school will provide an understanding of the industry to new examiners and is geared towards examiners with one year or less experience examining mortgage companies.

Advanced Examiner School

The purpose of the advanced school is to provide participants with updates on federal regulations and recent trends in the mortgage industry.

Fraud School

The purpose of the fraud school is to provide participants with the skills and tools necessary to identify, understand, and document fraud in the mortgage industry.

Licensing School

The purpose of the licensing school is to provide an informational and instructional forum for State licensing staff. The school will provide attendees with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with other State licensing regulators, to discuss topics of common interest, to exchange ideas about problems and solutions facing government staffs, and to learn about new business models, new approaches to licensing issues, and the new Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS).

To view sample agendas, please click on the link below: