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Mission Statement

To promote the exchange of information and education concerning the licensing, supervision and regulation of the residential mortgage industry, to ensure the ability of state mortgage regulators to provide effective mortgage supervision for a safe and sound industry meeting the needs of the local financial markets and to protect the rights of consumers.

The primary goals of the corporation are:

  1. promote the exchange of information between and among the executives and employees of the various states who are charged with the responsibility, pursuant to the laws of the individual states, for the administration and regulation of residential mortgage lending, servicing and brokering; 
  2. assist in resolving conflicts of jurisdiction in relation to mortgage lending, servicing, and brokering;
  3. promote a better understanding of mortgage regulation;
  4. develop model legislation applicable to the administration and regulation of mortgage lending, servicing and brokering; 
  5. increase the knowledge and ability of those engaged in the administration and enforcement of mortgage regulation and those engaged in mortgage lending, servicing or brokering by organizing and sponsoring lectures, seminars, and training programs and by providing a forum for the exchange of information; and
  6. do everything necessary, proper, advisable or convenient for the accomplishment of the Corporation's purposes and goals.

*Affiliate membership in AARMR does not represent an endorsement of the member by AARMR

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CONSUMERS: Please note that AARMR can not reply to complaints or provide advice regarding your mortgage or your mortgage company. If you have a complaint or concern regarding your mortgage, please contact your state regulatory agency. A list of state regulatory agencies can be found on the AARMR General Members page.

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