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Annual Conference

The Annual Conference Committee leads the planning and directs the execution of the AARMR Annual Conference.

Cindy Begin, Co-Chair
Massachusetts Division of Banks
Rod Carnes, Co-Chair
Georgia Dept. of Banking & Finance
Kirsten Anderson
Oregon Division of Finance & Corp Securities
Clifford Charland
Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation
Charles Clark
Washington Department of Financial Institutions
Tony Florence
Texas Dept. of Savings & Mortgage Lending
Rodney Reed
Iowa Division of Banking
Stacey Valerio
Connecticut Department of Banking



The mission of the AARMR Bylaws Committee is to ensure periodic review of the Bylaws and, when needed, to propose amendments to the Bylaws to the Board of Directors for consideration pursuant to Article XIII, Section 13.01 of the Bylaws. Click HERE to download a copy of AARMR's Byalws.

Assignments as Directed by the Board

Consumer Education

Assignments as Directed by the Board


The Finance Committee is responsible for the review of the Association's periodic financial statements and for the development of the annual budget for the association.​

Tony FlorenceChair
TX Dept. of Savings & Mortgage Lending
Susan Hancock
P: (804) 371-9701
Mike Larsen
P: (208) 332-8060



To secure and maintain membership of all state and U.S. territory residential mortgage regulators and affiliate members by ensuring that AARMR has an active membership program targeted toward the overall goal of the organization.

Assignments as Directed by the Board

Mortgage Fraud

The purpose of the AARMR Mortgage Fraud Committee is to identify and document fraudulent practices relative to the mortgage industry, identify resources used to investigate and prosecute fraudulent practices, and act as a clearinghouse of information to regulators and law enforcement officials in need of assistance in combating mortgage fraud. The mission of the task force is education through the following goals:

  1. To identify and explain fraudulent practices. This will include collecting data and information relative to mortgage fraud, and may involve further investigation to assist in a written explanation of the practices.
  2. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas with other agencies and organizations. The purpose is to act as a catalyst and mechanism in bringing together varied groups interested in effectively dealing with mortgage fraud.
  3. To identify investigation techniques, enforcement remedies and other tools for dealing with fraud. The task force will collect documents, formats and strategies used by regulatory and law enforcement agencies and create a catalogue of this collection for use by others.
  4. Act as a clearinghouse or portal for goals 1 and 2. The task force will present collected information for dissemination or extraction from the AARMR website by members or other validated parties.
  5. Provide assistance to the AARMR Board and committees as needed to fulfill or enhance their missions and goals.
Charles Clark, Chair 
Darin Domingue
Charles Knight
South Carolina
Tim Spencer
Mike Teeters

Randy Kiser


Multistate Mortgage Committee (MMC)

The Multistate Mortgage Committee (MMC) is a representative body of state mortgage regulators appointed by CSBS and AARMR to represent the examination interests of the combined states under the Nationwide Cooperative Protocol and Agreement for Mortgage Supervision. The MMCs primary focus is for nationwide lenders operating in 10 or more states. (Term expiration is listed next to the member) (*=AARMR Appointee)​​

Chris Pope, Chair (12/2017)
Chris Romano*, Vice-Chair (12/2018)
Kirsten Anderson  (12/2017)
Jed Bellman* (12/2017)
​​​Mark Clayton (12/2018)
Gary Davis* (12/2017)
Andy Grosmaire (12/2018)
Rick St. Onge* (12/2018)
Karyn Tierney (12/2017)
Jeremy Windham* (12/2018)


MMC News


The Training Committee develops and conducts two schools annually dealing with mortgage examination, compliance, fraud, federal and state initiatives, and other areas of concern for administrators and their examiners and investigators. The committee should solicit input from AARMR members in developing the curriculum and location for such schools, and submit its proposals to the AARMR Board. The Continuing Education Committee has traditionally been chaired by a Chairperson or co-Chairpersons.

Richard Cortes, Chair
P: (860) 240-8138

Kevin Cuff

Steven O'Shields

Jill Orrison
North Carolina

Kirsten Anderson

Chris Romano